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Home UnBuildIt
THE GOOD news: our homebuilding industry is jam-packed with new materials, new techniques, and new systems, and it’s so easy to get information online in an instant. 
THE BAD news: How do we know what we can trust, what will work, and under what conditions? Where do we turn to separate the spin-and-hype from the true-and-square? We’ve got you covered! 

The UnBuild It Podcast is an industry-leading opportunity to get good information. UnBuild It podcast is a three-member team – Peter Yost, Building Scientist; Jake Bruton, Builder, and Remodeler; and Steven Baczek, Architect. We are nationally recognized industry leaders: Jake as a homebuilder, Steve as an architect, and Peter as a building scientist. You can find us at leading homebuilding industry events, in top-notch publications, and online media outlets. We believe that solid industry-related information has four key ingredients;

RELEVANCE: You need insight on your job site. Jake, Steve, and Peter are in the field regularly doing what we strive to do. We walk the walk – then talk about the walk. We have worked together long enough to build on each other’s expertise and not take ourselves too seriously. We are among the best at taking what may seem like complicated concepts, breaking them down, and turning them into job-site-ready breakthroughs.

ACCURACY: Jake is often quoted as saying, “Trust but Validate.” We don’t ask you to be the bleeding, leading edge; we develop trusted solutions based on our work in the field, pushing each other to practice what we preach. Our accuracy comes out of triangulation: building, design, and performance.

UTILITY: We guarantee that each podcast episode will move you from all ears to all action. Our information is born from our work. We pride ourselves on delivering information you can use the same day you listen to an episode. 

CAMARADERIE: We work together because we love homebuilding, hitting the airwaves, and humor. We are not doing our job if you are not enjoying learning with us during each episode.


#110: Deciding Insulation Levels & Structural Implications of Floor Sheathing Fastener Type & Schedule


Great questions from our listeners! • How do you determine the best insulation levels by climate (with the best being the greatest value)? • Does adding screws (at some point during construction) make sense when using Advantech floor sheathing, adhesive, and ring shank nails?

UnBuild It Ep. #109: Clients - Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em...


Client involvement is critical in any building project but boy, can this be a double-edged sword. We need our clients engaged but also need to manage their expectations, particularly given how much information/stuff is available online. The boys each give their perspective on both the importance and the corralling required for client involvement.

UnBuild It Ep. 108 - Basements as Conditioned Living Space


How do you transform below-grade full foundations (also variously called pits, cellars, or basements and historically meant to be or tolerated as damp and cool and dark) into true living-conditioned spaces? We say add four continuous control layers, access to daylight and egress, thermal comfort, and good acoustics—make it a place to thrive as well as live (and even escape).

UnBuild It Ep. 107: Steve’s Mantras: Go Slow to Go Fast & Identify Problems BEFORE Moving to Solutions


Steve, Jake, and Pete discuss the advantages and challenges of off-site building, focusing on the advantages of combining Superior Walls for foundation and Harvest Homes for framing, and the benefits of modular construction for affordable housing.

UnBuild It Ep. 106: WTF: Off-Site Building & Owner-GC?


Steve, Jake, and Pete discuss the advantages and challenges of off-site building, focusing on the advantages of combining Superior Walls for foundation and Harvest Homes for framing, and the benefits of modular construction for affordable housing.

UnBuild It Ep. 105: Q&A: 2024 #4 - Ventilation Systems & Liquid Sealants


Whole house ventilation systems impact pressure balance in homes, and whether they accommodate pressure imbalances caused by exhaust fans and stack effect. Steve discusses the use of butyl or acoustical sealant for door sills, with Tremco being a favorite. Pete's resources include residential ventilation and pressure balancing.

UnBuild It Ep. 104: High Performance Homebuilding in Austin TX with Risinger BUILD's Tim Hill


Tim Hill, an Austin homebuilder, collaborated with Matt over a decade ago to present his company's approach to architects, customers, and trades, emphasizing building science in all aspects.

UnBuild It Ep. 103: Pre-cast Foundations


Steve and Pete have used Superior Walls, a leading US manufacturer of Precast Concrete panels, for high-performance below-grade walls. This system is engineered by the manufacturer, requires no cast footing, and can be completed in a day, regardless of weather conditions.

UnBuild It Ep. 102: Q&A: 2024 #3 - A funky Arkansas roof & a heat pump water heater install in Montana


The text addresses three questions: venting a pyramidal roof with dormers, determining the optimal air supply and noise control for a heat pump water heater in a tight Montana home, and discussing venting hip roofs, HPWH ducting strategies, Northwest testing, and Aarow Building's Fujitsu water heater.

UnBuild It Ep. 101: Q&A - 2024 #2 - Open Joint Claddings


The boys aim to answer two questions about whether open-joint claddings are better moisture-managed than traditional lap claddings. They mix banter, building science, and history, with a short video with Joe Lstiburek on open-joint claddings.

UnBuild It Ep. 100: Q&A - 2024 #1


Bill B asks Pete about installing flangeless windows in deep wall assemblies, focusing on control layers and continuity. Pete provides resources such as BSC Window Installation Sequence, Steve Baczek's Build Show Build, and Wendy Water Testing Windows.

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