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Home Passion for Craft
Welcome to Passion for Craft Podcast!  Jackson, Richard and Brent, each providing different levels of experience from Apprentice, to Journeyman, to Master, discuss modern craftsmanship, and how it would benefit from the ways it used to be done.  Join them as they seek to improve craft and relearn the past one house at a time.


Passion for Craft | Episode 7: Master Plumber Eric Aune


Our first featured guest, Build Show Expert Eric Aune, speaks to the field of plumbing, being a master tradesman in another industry, and starting an online business called Mechanical Hub.

Passion for Craft | Episode 34: Modernism


Jump in this week as the guys discuss modernism and whether or not it will stand the test of time.

Passion for Craft | Episode 3: Do Materials Matter?


In this episode, the guys explore whether or not choice of materials affects the final product. Some materials are cheaper than others, is going cheaper better? It depends, but cheap-ing out has replaced lots of durable materials in your house with cardboard.

Passion for Craft | Episode 4: How Much SHOULD a Door Cost?


The guys take a look at one of Brent's videos on doors. They take on some of questions found in the comments. They also discuss what the cost of a door could be for all different levels of homeowners.

Passion for Craft | Episode 1: What is a Passion for Craft?


Welcome to Episode 1 of Passion for Craft Podcast. Meet Jackson, Richard, and Brent as they explain their backgrounds, the state of craft in America, and what it means to have a passion for craft.

Passion for Craft | Episode 6: Is College Worth It? (when pursuing a trade)


In 2022, the average cost of college was found to be ~$100,000 by The craftsmen discuss the value provided from colleges versus going directly into the workforce of a trade.

Passion for Craft | Episode 5: When Did Craft Die? (and who killed it)


The guys take a look at some comments on one of Richards videos and respond to a variety of topics, from material quality, Victorian houses, and historic craftsmen.

Passion for Craft | Episode 2: What Does it Take to Be a Master?


Brent, Richard, and Jackson discuss what it takes to become a Master Builder. Malcolm Gladwell said it takes 10,000 hours to master something, is that enough to become a Master Builder?

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