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Home Building Consensus
From controversy to consensus, this podcast addresses fundamental building issues as well as building science nuance through discussions with industry experts. With each episode we seek to arrive at a common understanding, despite our dissimilar approaches or opposing views that reflect our unique experiences. It’s a pursuit of that mythical beast “best practice” through some good natured ribbing and spirited debate. Hopefully, we’ll be reaching common ground regardless of the different paths we tread.


Building Consensus: Episode 107 Way To Smart


Ever wonder how to keep up with the latest in the construction industry? What are the best resources for continuing education? Travis and Brandon chat about the benefits of tailoring training to individual learning preferences.

Episode 102: Specs vs. Custom


The majority of new homes in America will be speculative projects, with custom homes offering higher profit margins. This raises questions about whether building spec homes makes sense, as it can lead to uninformed buyers and a race to the bottom, impacting the economy and environment. The hosts discuss their experiences and opinions on this topic.

Episode 103: Can People Change?


Travis and Brandon discuss the challenges of implementing change in a business setting, focusing on team members' mindset and behavior. They express frustration with the difficulty of fostering lasting transformation, emphasizing the need for alignment with organizational goals and understanding change limitations.

Episode 101: Who Do I Think You Are?


The Building Consensus Podcast explores the challenges faced in residential homebuilding, despite differing backgrounds and viewpoints. The hosts, Travis and Brandon, share their stories and insights into their professions, revealing their unique perspectives on building problems. The show offers a humorous and engaging listen.

Episode 105: Ideal Plan Set


Travis and Brandon emphasize the importance of clear, comprehensive architectural plans for construction projects, highlighting the need for precision in documentation to meet client expectations and facilitate effective communication.

Episode 106: Dedicated PM


Travis and Brandon discuss the benefits of focusing on larger projects, such as specializing in hardwoods, for increased revenue, but also acknowledge the challenges and practical execution of such a shift.

Episode 104: Rage Against The Energy Code


Travis and Brandon discuss building permits and energy regulations in Kansas City, Missouri, focusing on insulation standards and their impact on construction costs and affordability. They emphasize the trade-offs between upfront costs and long-term benefits of energy-efficient housing, with successful examples like high school students building energy-efficient houses annually.

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