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Home Build Podcast
Watch full episodes of The Build Show Podcast with Matt Risinger! 
Matt and his guests talk in depth about building a better home including best practices, the business of building, some epic fails (and how to avoid them) and everything building science. 
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Thank you for watching!


Episode 140: Mastering Home Ventilation


Matt discusses the importance of ventilation with expert Corbett Lunsford, who you may know from his PBS Series Home Diagnosis. They explore the critical role ventilation plays in maintaining healthy indoor air quality and Corbett shares insights into designing effective HVAC systems.

Episode 139: BuildHer Executive Retreat and Navigating Growth in Construction


Matt and fellow Build Show Expert Allyson Anderson discuss the BuildHer Executive Retreat, a new initiative focused on the therapeutic benefits of networking for women in construction. They underscore the value of shared experiences and learning opportunities among builders.

Episode 137: Building Performance: Common Problems


Matt is joined by building performance expert, Randy Williams. Their discussion centers on building science and energy efficiency in home construction, emphasizing the importance of blower door tests to identify air leaks and improve insulation.

Episode 136: What Should I Use?


Matt welcomes fellow Build Show Expert, Jake Bruton, to discuss Build Original Series What Should I Use? hosted by Jake. A second-generation builder, Jake offers insights into the building process, such as choosing materials and following building codes.

Episode 135: Should You Hire an Envelope Consultant? Part 2


Matt discusses building materials with Erika Bonfanti, with Erika preferring non-conventional wood structures. They discuss 3D printed concrete enclosures and the importance of proper sealing and weatherproofing. Erika advises on hiring envelope consultants and budgeting for their services. The conversation encourages prioritizing quality and expertise in construction endeavors.

Episode 134: Should You Hire an Envelope Consultant?


Matt discusses exterior enclosures with Erika Bonfanti, Associate Principal at Acton Partners. They discuss challenges in construction projects, educational client approaches, EIFS experiences, and the evolution of construction practices. They also discuss common construction mistakes and mold control tips.

Episode 133: Landscape Design & Innovation


The Build Show podcast features Matt Risinger and Sara Bendrick discussing landscaping trends, such as drought-tolerant lawns and the rise of battery-powered tools. They discuss the shift towards reducing traditional lawns, concerns about artificial turf's environmental impact, and the importance of balancing personal lifestyle choices with environmental considerations. Sara shares insights on how these trends often start on the coast and gradually spread across the country.

Episode 132: Building Community (and Clients) through Content


The Build Show Podcast features a conversation between Matt and marketing expert David Meerman Scott, who influenced Matt's career. They discuss the importance of aligning marketing with consumer behavior and the power of content creation. David explores the connection between neuroscience and fandom, highlighting the need for like-minded tribes and the sense of community that comes with shared interests. The conversation also touches on the neuroscience behind building connections through video content, such as tribalism, proximity, and mirror neurons.

Episode 131: The Risinger Build


Matt Risinger and Tim Hill and in-house architect Chelsea Scharbach discuss the launch of Build Original Series The Risinger Build, documenting a full build from foundation to finishes. The team aims to create a top-notch home on a reasonable budget, balancing quality and cost. They plan to share project details on, offering insights and inspiration to fellow builders. The team is passionate about advancing construction practices while keeping a focus on the bottom line. Visit Build Show LIVE in Austin, TX, to stay updated.

Episode 130: Unlocking Perfect Plumbing: Expert Strategies for Efficient Water Delivery


Matt discusses water delivery in homes with "Hot Water Expert" Gary Klein, focusing on plumbing systems and efficiency to minimize waste and optimize hot water delivery.

Episode 129: Building Healthy Homes: Navigating Mold, Risks, and Solutions


Matt's passion for building science stems from mold, while guest Cristina Greenfield shares her family's experience, emphasizing the need for awareness and preventive measures.

Episode 128: Restoring the Past, Building the Future


Matt interviews Mark Bowe, known for revitalizing historic barns, who shares his journey from disassembling barns to founding his own business.

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