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Home Contractor Evolution
This is the Contractor Evolution Podcast. We unpack the systems, tactics, and skills you need to take your fast-growing contracting business to the next level. If you’re here to learn what it takes to scale up, work less, and increase profits, you’ve come to the right place. 
Join 40,000+ contractors that learn from Contractor Evolution. New episodes drop every Wednesday.


Which Fire Should I Put Out Next?


Some problems are more important than others. But knowing which fire to put out now and which one to let burn a little longer, isn’t always that obvious. To learn how best-selling Author Mike Michalowicz does it check out this week's episode of Contractor Evolution.

Contractor Evolution: James Williams' Near-Death Experience


Some much-needed perspective. Family > Business.

Contractor Evolution: Does Open Book Management Really Work?


If you’ve ever wondered how an Open Book Management business operates and whether or not this model might work for you. You’re in luck!


Open Book Management, or OBM for short, is a busines...

Contractor Evolution: How To Create A Vivid Vision For Your Company


Do you ever feel misunderstood by employees, partners, vendors, and stakeholders when discussing the future—the vision, the strategy?

Contractor Evolution: How to Implement a CRM Without Giving Yourself a Migraine


Contractors often experience "tech overwhelm" after implementing their first CRM or Project Management tool. Ben Hodson, Co-Founder and CEO of JobNimbus, shares his tips on implementing technology headache-free. The episode covers the difference between contractors struggling with new systems, using an "I.C.E." decision-making matrix, avoiding employee pushback, identifying business problems, preparing for disruption, and lessons learned from serial CEO Ben Hodson.

Contractor Evolution: How To Build A Strong Employer Brand


The labor shortage is causing smart contractors to invest in their employer brands to ensure their business is the best choice for potential employees. Andrew Hansen, founder and CEO of Site Partners, explains how packaging and communication of a place of work are crucial in today's competitive market.

Contractor Evolution: 6 Revenue Driving Videos Every Contractor Needs


Marcus Sheridan co-authored The Visual Sale, a book on how to use video content effectively. With two out of every three adults using video as their primary information source, 96% of consumers look for videos before buying products or services. The book covers word-for-word chat GPT prompts, core video requirements for modern contractors, and whether hiring an agency or freelancer is better.

Contractor Evolution: 7 Archetypes Of Effective Project Managers


Kyle Nitchen, a senior project manager at Layton Construction, discusses the challenges of project management in the construction industry, the limitations of modern tools like Gantt charts and critical paths, and the 7 archetypes of effective project managers. He also shares insights on the importance of leadership project management in today's construction environment.

Contractor Evolution: How To Stop Getting Screwed On Your Contracts


Today's conversation with Cian Brennan, Founder and CEO of Quantum Contract Solutions, marks the first conversation about the contract aspect in nearly 150 episodes of contractor evolution.

Contractor Evolution: 4 Financial Health Hacks For Contractors


Many contractors struggle with financial clarity, as they didn't enter the business solely to manage QuickBooks, spreadsheets, or P&Ls.

Contractor Evolution: Unleash The Power Of Your COO


Cameron Herold, a bestselling author of six books, discusses his latest book, The Second In Command: Unleash the Power of Your COO.

Contractor Evolution: SOP Replay


Tom Hughes, a lean manufacturing expert and author of two books on organizational change through Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), discusses the importance of pulling SOPs out of teams for more effective implementation, using a multimedia approach to ensure they are followed, and leadership tactics for creating a Kaizen culture that continuously improves itself. To learn more about Breakthrough Academy, click here.

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