Zehnder America provides builders and homeowners with complete HRV/ERV system solutions for smart installation, unbeaten performance, and healthy, comfortable Indoor Air Quality.

Zehnder’s HRVs and ERVs are top performers around the world. Quiet, powerful fans are fully adjustable. Controls are advanced, yet easy to use. Proprietary heat exchangers achieve outstanding energy recovery for efficiency and comfort. MERV 13 filters are standard for removing pollen and dust from the outdoor air. Airtight, insulated cabinets are exquisitely designed and built to exacting tolerances.

Zehnder not only offers HRVs and ERVs, but a complete package of engineered components for the ideal air distribution system. The Zehnder Comfosystems solution makes achieving targeted ventilation for best practice a breeze with a logical configuration, modular assembly, and minimal requirement of special skills. Our targeted air distribution designs prioritize fresh air supply to bedrooms and living spaces for optimized rest and health. Balanced exhaust air for energy recovery is taken from bathrooms and kitchens to remove odors and humidity. (Bathroom fans are no longer necessary!)

Zehnder America provides free system design and installer support with every quote. Click on the “Request a Quote” tab at ZehnderAmerica.com and upload your PDF house plans to get started now!