Santa Fe Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Industry experts agree that energy efficient building techniques have reduced air conditioning runtime, resulting in the need for dedicated dehumidification in homes. Overcooling to control relative humidity isn’t effective or economical and can lead to comfort and health issues. Santa Fe Ultra Series whole house ventilating dehumidifiers ensure the ultimate in indoor air quality throughout the entire home by providing outdoor air to dilute indoor air contaminants, filtering the ventilation air and the air in the home with MERV 13 filtration, and providing dedicated humidity control for the entire home, regardless of the air conditioning runtime.

Moisture is the most common problem homeowners face in their basements and crawl spaces. This excess moisture contributes to wood rot, mold growth, poor air quality, musty odors, and increased pest activity, including infestation and colonization. The humid contaminated air migrates to the upper levels of the home. If fact, up to 50% of the air below the home will make its way into the living space. One of the most effective ways to control high humidity in these spaces is by using a Santa Fe stand-alone dehumidifier.

The potential of moisture damage, comfort complaints, and increased legal action related to mold growth in homes is making homeowners and builders much more aware of the need to control moisture with supplemental dehumidification.

Santa Fe Indoor Air Quality Solutions is innovative in HVAC integrated whole house ventilating (formally Ultra-Aire) and horizontal stand-alone dehumidifiers for crawl spaces. Our expertise in dehumidification and ventilation is why homeowners and builders turn to us to ensure they choose the right-size dehumidifier and installation for their homes. Headquartered in Madison, WI, our commercial-grade dehumidifiers are powered to protect your home, comfort, and health.

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