Delta Millworks

Delta Millworks

Since 1985, Delta Millworks has bridged a respect for tradition with a need to push the boundaries of what people expect from a lumber mill. We pride ourselves in creating the most unique, durable and sustainable wood products in the industry.

We work around our clients’ design intent and make recommendations based on performance and maintenance expectations, budget, application, as well as other considerations. No matter the scope of the project, we always strive to be cost effective.  During the design phase, we are happy to help assess design details, nominal sizes and profiles, and installation. Clients can choose one of our existing products for a streamlined process, or can work with our team on bespoke custom color matching, texturing, burning, and milling.

Siding & Paneling

Our siding and paneling is not only beautiful and unique; it’s made to last, low maintenance and made from only sustainably sourced materials.


Our durable and beautiful French White Oak flooring is available in custom colors, burns and widths.


Our decking line is a fantastic alternative to tropical hardwoods, which are devastating to the environment. Modified woods such as Accoya, Kebony, and Thermo Ash and Poplar offer beautiful, warranty-backed options whether you choose to go with an unfinished option or one of our custom stains.

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Delta Millworks