Crescent Tools

The Crescent adjustable wrench is a tool trusted by generations of professional tradesmen – well-known and well-regarded as an iconic hand tool that is proven and reliable. After completing his historic solo transatlantic flight, Charles Lindbergh said that he carried only the most basic supplies, including “gasoline, sandwiches, a bottle of water, and a Crescent wrench and pliers.” Only 20 years after the Crescent brand adjustable wrench was introduced it was already recognized as an essential part of every toolbox.

Around that same time, other category-creating brands emerged: Lufkin (measuring tools), Wiss (cutting tools), Nicholson (files and shaping tools), and H.K. Porter (heavy-duty cutting). More recently, JOBOX (tool and equipment storage) and APEX Industrial Fasteners (power tool accessories) established themselves as trailblazers in their own respective categories.

Today, over a century after the original Crescent brand adjustable wrench was introduced, we've brought these four leading brands together under the Crescent name. Now the Crescent Master Brand and its supporting brands (Crescent Lufkin, Crescent Wiss, Crescent Nicholson, Crescent H.K. Porter, Crescent JOBOX, and Crescent APEX) offer professional tradespeople over 2,600 quality tools they can count on to produce professional results. 

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