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Travis Brungardt

Travis Brungardt is co-owner of Catalyst Construction in Prairie Village, Kansas specializing in building durable, high-performance homes throughout the Kansas City area. A licensed Master Electrician and Mechanical Contractor, Travis compliments his business partner Joe Cook - a licensed General Contractor and Master Plumber - so that Catalyst can self-perform the majority of the work on their homes. Driven by a commitment to create a healthy, sustainably built environment for his children to raise their families, he believes the mindset of the craftsman matters as much as any tool or material and that every builder should have a generations-long view of the work they do and the choices they make. Travis is passionate about teaching the next generation of tradespeople and believes introducing young people to Building Science is crucial to keeping the craft alive. He's written for Fine Homebuilding magazine and the Journal of Light Construction as well as having presented at the International Builders Show. He’s also a founder of the BS* and Beer building science discussion group in Kansas City and a host of the BS* and Beer Show on Green Building Advisor where he hopes to educate others, just as others in the building community have so generously taught him.