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Doug Cameron

Hi, my name is Doug Cameron & while I wear many hats I generally prefer to think of myself as an artist. These days “homes” are my preferred medium because of the power they possess in spearheading a healthier, happier, more balanced lifestyle for their inhabitants, & the fun challenge orchestrating the creation of each of these unique healing sanctuaries has become.

For each of the past 14 illustrious years, I have been blessed to intertwine “my art” with holistic building science and intention based homebuilding practices for our native Austin, TX community, where my incredible wife Lillie & I own & operate a boutique design-build company originally coined “EcoSafe Spaces,” & currently branded as “ESS Design+Build” or simply “ESS.”

Doug Cameron - Ecosafe Spaces

Recently we’ve made an exciting pivot from our focus of high-end custom homebuilding evolving into more of a speculative real estate developer, working almost exclusively as our own clients on our own projects!! Giddyup let’s go!!