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Bryan Uhler

Bryan Uhler is the Vice President of Pioneer Builders, Inc., and he’s the second generation to run the company.  His father founded it in 1978.  While Bryan runs the company, he works closely with his brother Tim who has been framing, siding, and building foundations for the company for decades.  Bryan is privileged that his dad is a source of irreplaceable experience who Bryan consults with as a trusted advisor.

 The company builds custom spec homes exclusively although it has built plenty of custom homes and presales.  Bryan has many responsibilities that would normally be departments in larger firms.  On the build side land acquisition, project development and permitting, superintending, quality controls, and sales are some things he cares for.  His college curriculum was heavily focused on business and accounting, and he still does the firm's accounting (eg job costing, payroll, accounts payable).  The company has tried to take a rational approach to building – not allowing emotion to govern the macro or micro decisions.  For this reason, Pioneer Builders, Inc. is The Rational Builder.