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Breakthrough Academy (BTA) are operational system experts who help builders inject the infrastructure their businesses need for growth. Purpose-built by former contractors Igor, Danny, and James, BTA is an education platform that helps builders and general contractors to get out of the day-to-day, scale up, make more money, and work less.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, BTA works with over 500 contracting companies across North America, guiding owners to build the vision they have for their business and life faster. The average member sees 23% revenue growth, 46% net profit growth, and significant time saved within the first year.

Tune in and you’ll hear from BTA industry experts Benji, Paul, Igor, and more on their channel and will get access to free downloadable system templates along the way.

Dive into your BTA journey on the Build Show with their popular video: Is cash flow killing you? How smart builders get control of their finances.