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Home Why a 60-ft Basement is Key to This Hybrid House

Jake Bruton takes us back to his hybrid house—a slab-on-grade home with a strange looking basement. The 60-foot basement ends up being a key component to the core of the hybrid house, though. Since it runs the length of the house, it was designed in such a way that every room that uses water in the house, lies right above it. By designing intuitively, Jake and the team were able to grant full, long-term access to HVAC, drains, and more by building the basement in such a way. The EPS foam insulated slab connected to the Armax sheathing in the walls, which connects to the sub-floor insulation above it to create a continuous barrier. The details are crucial to the sub-floor success above, but more important, by putting more time into the planning, on-boarding the right talent, and working with simple products, you can design an incredibly efficient home.

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