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Where’s A Good Place to Use Mor - Flexx?

Where’s A Good Place to Use Mor - Flexx? .

Matt Risinger shows us how to use Mor-Flexx. What is Mor-Flexx? It’s a sanded caulk available in several colors. In this demonstration, Matt uses the grey variety to match his brick and applies it to the garage jams on his house. Brick is an irregular surface. If he had grouted this area with mortar, it’s possible he’d see cracks. And if he caulked it with a gray color, undulations and imperfections would be visible.

This is the perfect place for him to rely on Mor-Flexx.

Here are the steps:

  • Tape the joints. Try a tape that maintains a crisp line.
  • Pull up the caulking gun.
  • Put backer rod between any significant gaps. If it’s a small gap, just shove the backer rod in and cut it off.

Look at the difference between Mor-Flexx and mortar.

Matt’s Recommendation: Don’t caulk in the rain (in this case, he’s under cover, so it’s not getting wet).

Learn more at  sascho.com 

or buy Mor-Flexx at all major retailers across North America.

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