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Home What Should I Use? Episode 1 - Windows
Possibly the most challenging question to answer in the construction industry today is "What Should I Use?". Material sciences are changing, codes are advancing, industry standards are evolving, and it is nearly impossible to keep it all straight. In What Should I Use, host Jake Bruton attempts to provide guidance when the building code, industry councils, his decades of experience combine to guide the decision-making process for the way he builds.
In this episode of What Should I Use, host Jake Bruton unpacks the complicated world of windows concerning health and safety when it comes the to the International Residential Code (IRC), the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and how he as a builder views window selection. The challenging aspect about windows is they are potentially the only building material that represent all four of the enclosures control layers. How do you choose one building material to provide four aspects of your building’s enclosure and ensure you are making the correct selection? Jake will walk you through the process in What Should I Use.
This episode is sponsored by Andersen Windows. To learn more about Andersen Windows check out their website here.

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