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Home Wet Framing? Don't Panic, Watch this.
Have you ever had a massive storm roll through during the framing stage of a house? It's a huge inconvenience, but nothing is ruined.In this video, Matt Risinger shares how to clean up and dry out after you've had a lot of rain in a house during the framing stage.Once you've been "dried in", which means the roof has some underlayment and will keep the majority of precipitation out of the house", then you can start on drying out the house. First thing's first, get rid of the puddles. Use a large broom to sweep the puddles out of the house. If you have super wet subfloor, drill some holes in it to let some water to drain into the basement area.Once the bulk of the water is out of the house, you just have wet framing. All you'll have to do is get air moving through the house; open all of the windows and bring in the fans. Risinger recommends the big Dri-Eaz fans that you see carpet cleaners use. They can dry the subfloor around them in just a few hours. But how do you know everything is truly dry? Use a wood moisture detector to make sure the wood is below 15% moisture content. If you need the drying process to move quicker," you can also bring in a dehumidifier and/or a heater. Watch the full video to see all of the equipment needed to dry a house in the framing stage.

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