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Wood Siding Best Practices & Worst Mistakes

Wood Siding Best Practices & Worst Mistakes .

Join Matt Risinger and the team from Delta Millworks for a live chat about wood siding. From ordering to handling to installation, we’ll cover all of the steps you can take to achieve the most successful wood siding install and a longer maintenance cycle for your clients. Our panelists will show you some of the most common wood siding mistakes they’ve seen, what went wrong, and how to avoid them in your projects.

We’ll talk in detail about storage, acclimation, and handling that will set you up for success in wood siding installation. Matt Risinger and the team at Delta will show you detailed mockups of best practices, as well as some common wood siding mistakes we’ve seen over the years. You’ll walk away with a copy of Delta’s Handling & Installation Guidelines, previously only available to their clients.

What You'll Learn:

  1. How to store and acclimate wood siding, taking climate conditions into account
  2. Recommended ventilated cladding systems, furring strips, and fasteners
  3. Considerations for horizontal vs vertical tongue & groove, lap siding, and square siding material


  • Matt Risinger, CEO Risinger Build
  • Robbie Davis, Delta Millworks, CEO
  • Barret Kruggel, Delta Millworks, Technical Director

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