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Innovative HVAC Solutions with Carrier Ductless .

Join us in a live discussion, where we’ll talk about inverter ductless technology. Learn about how it works on a basic level and how it should be utilized for optimum efficiency and benefit. We’ll also dive deep into the actual efficiency and effective heating/cooling capacities of these products, review the entire ductless product line, and touch on 1ph VRF, including the advantages of different heads and systems. You won’t want to miss this jam-packed informative session where you’ll gain a real understanding of the expanded architectural options at your disposal and broadened use of the home for ductless and VRF clients.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. The advantages and value that Carrier Ductless and single-phase VRF can provide for builders and clients.
  2. Application and design principles and best practices
  3. How to avoid roadblocks to a successful application and install.
  4. How to avoid that regretful feeling of: “These products could have been the perfect solutions on this specific home!”


  • Matt Risinger, CEO, Risinger Build
  • Kristof Irwin, PE, M. Eng., Principal, Positive Energy
  • Justin Richey, Regional Sales Manager/Ductless Products, Carrier
  • Dave Foster, Business Development Leader, West, Carrier

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