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Water testing a Tear in our Membrane

Water testing a Tear in our Membrane .

In this video, Matt Risinger is at a house where they've used Delta Vent SA peel and stick exterior housewrap and it's got a small tear in it. This is a thick, durable product and tears are relatively rare, but Risinger demonstrates why he likes peel and stick by pouring a little water on the tear and showing up close how the membrane remains intact.

The water isn't soaking around the tear or getting behind the membrane and pours right off the front. It's also pretty easy to repair, and he shows us how, with a piece of Delta multiband, which will be taped over the tear and then adhered with acrylic adhesive on the back.

Risinger points this out as an example of why you should buy the more durable, commercial product when home building, as those products can stand up to abuse at a job site a little better. Tips like this help everyone build better homes.

For more information about the Delta Vent SA peel and stick, go to dorken.com.

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