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Thermal Buck - Risinger Goes Rogue

Thermal Buck - Risinger Goes Rogue .

We join Matt Risinger after he's returned from a trade show where he's borrowed a display item from ThermalBuck. He believes they may have a good, innovative solution for a common problem related to exterior rigid foam and window depth. He talks about how when you install foam the siding may then stick out forward of the window, but with ThermalBuck, when you mount the window, it's forward and fully insulated. Risinger describes how this works and what the product looks like, as well as how to install it. Available in several sizes, you simply add a half inch across all of the four dimensions, and it will extend the window to meet the mounting point of insulation. For more information, watch the video to see what the product looks like after it's been installed, or go to www.thermalbuck.com to see more about this product, which is available in several sizes.