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Home Tankless Water Heater Annual Flush Routine
In order to get the full life from your tankless water heater you must flush it regularly to clean the internal boiler from scale build up. In this video, Matt Risinger reveals this simple process on a Takagi unit that's a year old. Risinger stresses the importance of carrying out a flush on an annual basis. The copper burner located within the heater is prone to scaling and therefore needs to be flushed. According to Risinger, the process is quite simple. Shut the gas off, turn the water off, purchase some white vinegar, let the water run for about an hour, and disassemble safely. Watch the full video to ensure your equipment lasts for many years to come. If your system does not have a flush kit, you can purchase one. Here's a link to a Flush Kit on Amazon Alternatively, you can make your own. Check out an updated video on the same topic at, if you take care of these tanks, you can get almost 30 years out of them, but if you never flush them," your equipment is in jeopardy.

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