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Universal Design: Designing for All .

"As builders, as architects, as designers, and even as homeowners, we need to think critically about these principles and some of these commonsense adjustments, then incorporate them into more builds, not just houses that are intended for a 70-year-old to move into, but certainly even a younger family with middle-aged parents and growing children.

"I hope this eBook will help you as you think about this topic and provide you with some inspiration (and fantastic Sugatsune hardware) that can support you as you make your house more functional, capable of aging in place smoothly, and overall, feel good."

~ Matt Risinger

People are living longer and the length of retirement years is increasing. Have you considered aging in place strategies for your builds? Learn the 7 Key Principals of Universal Design and how Sugatsune can help you build beautiful homes that are both convenient and safe for everyone.