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Home SubFloor Adhesive Test - SmartBond vs PL400

Are you in search of the best sub-floor adhesive? In this MythBusters style video, watch as Master Builder Matt Risinger and Project Manger Tim Hill set up a test to identify the strongest sub-floor adhesive. Two identical pieces of AdvanTech 1 1/8" plywood are attached to decking with about six inch strips of the adhesive. They rigged up a system with a 1,000 pound scale and a come along to see how well each adhesive holds. While PL400 has been industry standard for a long time, SmartBond is new to the game and proving its worth. You can see the demonstration of a SmartBond application - the SmartBond foam is much more efficient (and fun to use).

Want to know who won? No spoilers here, check out the video to see who won and by how much!

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