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Solving Remodel Challenges: An Architect's Perspective .

Build Show Network's newest addition, Architect, Steve Baczek, pulls out the plans from Matt's remodel and discusses how to overcome challenges that arise when taking on a remodel. 

Thermal breaks and air leakage are just two of the many challenges Steve points out.

How do we solve these problems? First, we need to consider prioritizing our challenges.

Steve talks about a set of rules that allow you to make appropriate decisions. 

Steve's four priorities in this case revolve around the control layers (water, air, vapor, thermal). These problems he's encountered indicate a lack of control in the building. Let's think about this: Why do we even build a building to begin with? To be on the inside, right? But one of the problems with these older builds is that there's less control.

When he's done, you'll get a fully marked up set of plans full of solutions to the many challenges that he started with. Most importantly, he'll have continuity throughout the home because "Continuity is the Key."

This is an education-packed session you're not going to want to mess.

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