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High Performance Sealants Webinar

High Performance Sealants Webinar .

Take a deep dive into sealant technology and discover which sealants provide the most value. We’ll look at the science behind your sealants and find out how that helps make for durability and easy application. During this webinar, Nathan and Matt will talk about what makes a sealant durable. Elasticity, adhesion, and tensile strength are key metrics that help with predictions of longevity. Each one is broken down to understand how it functions, what types of technologies provide it, and how it interacts with the other two.

What You’ll Learn

  • The science that goes into sealants
  • How durability is a combination of high elasticity, strong adhesion, and low tensile strength
  • How you can predict the performance of a sealant
  • Elasticity – the smaller the gap, the more important it is
  • Tensile strength – the lower the better
  • Adhesion – very important, and even more important in caulks with high tensile strength


  • Matt Risinger, CEO, Risinger Build
  • Doug Cameron, Author/Builder, EcoSafe Spaces
  • Nathan Ferraro, Sr. Marketing Manager, Sashco

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