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Home Take a tour of how our stone wool insulation is made

Learn more about how our stone wool insulation is made, the ingredients we use, and what goes into our production process.

In its manufactured state, stone wool delivers unique benefits as an insulation solution. In part due to its non-directional fiber orientation, stone wool also exhibits unique benefits which have come to be known as the 7 strengths of stone.

Fire Resistant for occupant safety: ROCKWOOL stone wool can withstand temperatures greater than 1,800°F (1,000°C) and does not contribute to the development and spread of fire or the release of toxic gases.

Sound Absorbent for acoustic comfort: The non-directional structure of ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation is denser than traditional insulation products which helps to absorb acoustic waves and can reduce the intensity and propagation of noise. Stone wool also effectively reduces airflow and sound transmission, while providing higher airflow resistivity for improved sound attenuation.

Water Repellent to keep you dry: ROCKWOOL stone wool is water repellent yet vapor permeable meaning that the long-term R-value is unaffected by moisture over time. This is due to the inherent drying potential of the product which is also resistant to rot, mold and mildew growth—contributing to a safer indoor environment.

Dimensional stability means maintaining performance: Stone wool retains its characteristics over time which means reducing maintenance over the life of the home or building. Even with changes in temperature and/or humidity over long periods of time, there are minimal changes in the size or performance of our solutions.

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