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Home Restabilize Masonry Buildings & Save Money Doing It

Imagine you’re the owner of a multi-story building and you’ve just found out that the exterior brick façade is pulling away from your building, creating a major hazard for tenants and pedestrians. 

You anxiously await estimates from your general contractor as you hope for a relatively fast, effective, and affordable fix. Two bids come in at once. The first is for an entire reclad costing about $28 million.

Instead of a reclad, bid No. 2 calls for a technique to re-secure the exterior with masonry anchors installed on each panel of the building. It would cost you closer to $2.3 million, eliminate your need for landfill, and the job would be finished at least twice as fast as a reclad. 

Is there any question which way you would go?

This scenario is playing out on our masonry anchor projects in major U.S. cities all across the country. These cost savings are real, and they are saving millions for owners and HOAs while making entire project teams look good.

The savings that PROSOCO anchors and other restoration products can provide to your project team go further than a more efficient installation and technique.

That’s because of its people whose expertise in their respective fields goes far beyond what’s typical for a building materials manufacturer. In PROSOCO’s anchoring systems group, an in-house engineer named Steve Getz engineered nearly every variety of PROSOCO’s anchoring products. Steve and other staff members regularly visit job sites and provide personalized services that are precisely tailored to the needs and conditions of each individual building.

Steve recently visited a large project -- a multi-story commercial building in a major U.S. city. He assessed the structure carefully, returned home, and then got to work on a new anchoring solution that would complete the job more efficiently and save the contractor on the installed price of the product.

Steve’s ingenuity reduced the installed price to the contractor from about $30 per anchor to $16 per anchor. On a multi-story building with 100,000 precast panels to secure, that savings adds up to millions.

“We build anchors for every project,” said Brian Barnes, leader of PROSOCO’s anchoring systems group and part of the team who regularly assesses buildings in person. “Every time we visit a project, our goal is to find a solution that’s more efficient, whether it’s on cost, or labor or landfill. It’s frequently all three.”

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