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Quickflash New Products  2014 IBS

Quickflash New Products 2014 IBS .

Matt Risinger is a huge Quickflash fan and has been using the company's products for years. Quickflash has two new products it introduced at the 2014 International Builders Show in Las Vegas. First, a square A/C specifically for brick. The product is long, with the idea being that there is a one-inch air gap and a wide piece of brick, so the vent needs to penetrate further in the house. The product comes in various formats, one of which allows it to blend right in with the brick of the building. The second product Quickflash was showing off was a large boot that comes in 8-inch, 10- inch, and 12-inch varieties, essentially designed for large air systems. Quickflash now offers sizes ranging from a half-inch pipe or wire to 12 inches.