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Home Episode 135: Should You Hire an Envelope Consultant? Part 2
Guess who’s back for part two? If you guessed Erika Bonfanti, then you’re right! Erika returns to continue lively conversation with Matt. This week, they discuss the pros and cons of various building materials, expressing a preference for non-conventional wood structural houses despite acknowledging the benefits of concrete and block for thermal performance. 
Matt and Erika delve into the effectiveness of 3D printed concrete enclosures, stressing the importance of proper sealing and weatherproofing for durability. The conversation highlights the significance of hiring envelope consultants to avoid costly mistakes, with the host sharing a personal anecdote about the consequences of prioritizing cost over expertise. Erika offers insights into the role of consultants and advises on budgeting for their services. 
Overall, it's a dynamic discussion that combines practical advice with engaging anecdotes, encouraging listeners to prioritize quality and expertise in construction endeavors.
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