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Home Pervious Paver Installation
What happens behind the scenes for pervious pavers? In this video, Matt Risinger, master builder, takes us to see the changing out of an asphalt driveway, which is totally impervious to water, to pervious pavers. After ripping up the asphalt and getting down to base layers, it's important to go several inches below that for prep work. The pavers will interlock when the papers are put together and they form a hole in between the pavers where water will soak through. They will be filled with gravel inside the holes and when driven on, it will feel smooth. Underneath, there is bedding stone and below that is 4-5 inches of filter fabric. The water filters down through the holes and is filtering through the filter fabric, while the fabric is holding the dirt from coming up. To finish, the holes are filled in with small fine gravel. Where cars are parked, there are standard pavers. If cars drip oil, the oil won't seep down. The pavers are a way to add porosity and retain some of the water moving through the property.

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