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New Building Products Roundup! - August 2022 .

Matt goes through some of his favorite new building products! He covers plumbing, drywall, vapor barrier products, and more.

PRIER C-108 | Hot and Cold Mixing Hydrant

Oatey® Moda™ Washing Machine Single Boxes

Oatey® Access Panels

Oatey® 28" x 30" Washing Machine Pans- Plastic with Ribs

HydroCheck WaterWatcher Leak Detector


Yard Hydrant Video - Build Show Fan GC’s Own House

StegoCrawl® Wrap

StegoTack® Tape

StegoCrawl® Crawl Space Seam

StegoCrawl® Term Bar

Crescent SHOCKFORCE G2 Tape Measures

Ideal Roofing Metal Roofing Products

More on the Steel Shingles mentioned in the video

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