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Everyone wants a little WOW in their home, the question is where to get it, and how to do it. This week we take a look at the Martha’s Vineyard Passive House for a little WOW factor. Aside from being a great house, the owner’s bath, specifically the tub deck has an outrageous WOW. We took the tub deck and wrapped a triple glazed mitered window around it. It will be the owner’s little slice of heaven as she relaxes the day away with a window that wraps around her. Although the window isn’t quite here yet, we run through a discussion of how we prepped for such an intriguing detail. Of course BIG RED joins us as we navigate a partial plan and building section to discuss just how we achieved this. So check out this very cool video, and let me know what you think…….Long Live Our Buildings


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glass extension deck main mitered