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IBS 2020: Steve Baczek Highlights His Favorite Products .

Build Show Network's newest addition, Architect, Steve Baczek, is on the show floor at International Builders' Show in Las Vegas pointing out some noteworthy products from an architect's perspective.

Here's what we'll see:

Huber: ZipSystems (he's used all of their products) where he'll see some roof sheathing that handles water at the sheathing level

DM Duration: Mouldings and Millwork

TruExterior: sidings and trim

Warmboard: radiant flooring

CR Pacific Windows: Triple-glazed, double hung window

Versatex: PVC trim (makes an architect's job easy)

AeroBarrier: new technology in air sealant

Tune in for discussions about why Steve stopped at these booths and why he loves their products.

He'll also give us some great resources to check out, such as Green Building Advisor.

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