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IBS 2016 - Keene

IBS 2016 - Keene .

Matt Risinger is at the 2016 International Builders' Show and checks in from the Keane Building Products Booth where he's talking rainscreen sidings. These create a capillary break to allow for drainage and evaporation of water and prevent water from coming into the home. He talks three Keene products, including Driwall™ Rainscreen, a synthentic lath exterior wall drainage net product to divert moisture from exteriors of many types. This can be used instead of metal and isn't sharp, is lightweight and is easy to cut. Second up is CDR Vent™ (Complete Drained Roof), for roofs, a 3D mesh that can give a 1/3-inch drainage gap under a roof and is very easy to install compared to lath. Finally, Risinger talks KeedeLath™, a self-furring synthetic lath that you can use instead of metal for flooring and walls that creates an uncoupling between the subfloor and tile For more on these products, watch the video, or go to www.keenebuilding.com.