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IBS 2016 - DuPont Therma Wrap 5.0 .

At IBS 2016, Matt Risinger caught up with a rep from DuPont to talk about continuous exterior insulation using their multiclad use Thermawrap 5.0 product. This product allows rigid cladding and cultured stone to be married together for a continuous exterior insulation, and consists of their well-known Tyvek insulation, which is then married to an inch and a half of polyester batten. In the video, the product is compared to a ski coat, wicking off the water and keeping the product warm and dry. The display booth even includes a cultured stone install, showing how the R5 is used on that type of cladding. As codes dictate more and more a trend towards requiring continuous exterior insulation, check out the video to learn more about how DuPont's Thermawrap 5.0 can be used for a variety of cladding materials, or find their product on their site at www.thermawrapR5.tyvek.com.

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