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How to tackle off-angles with ease.

How to tackle off-angles with ease. .

If you're working with off-angles, vaulted ceilings, or even less-than-ideal framing jobs, it can be a pain to mud and tape your corners. Lydia gets into her process using ClarkDietrich's Strait-Flex® products. Watch as she coats an off-angle using Strait-Flex Wide-Flex; a mud-on, paper-faced composite corner bead that adjusts to any angle for a perfect and straight finish. To streamline mudding the Wide-Flex before application, Lydia coats it using her Mud-Pro system. This speeds up the process significantly and ensures an ideal amount of mud is evenly applied to the tape. Lydia covers all the steps while offering some tips and insight along the way.

The Strait-Flex product family is packed with professional drywall solutions, including tapes, beads, repair patches, rolling tools, and more.

Learn more about ClarkDietrich's Strait-Flex® lineup here.



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