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Home Household Chemicals - University of Texas Study House
Matt Risinger is at the University of Texas Research Center where he is joining in on a test being conducted about indoor pollution in a mobile home. One of Risinger's Youtuber friends Corbett will be giving a tour of this test. This test utilizes a team of outdoor chemists and brings them inside to study house chemicals (this is called the house observation of microbial and environmental chemistry). The test is mainly for the study of vapors, gases, and molecules that can be absorbed into our systems from cooking and cleaning. The researchers are studying how long these things last and what surfaces they can stick to. Corbett talks about how all these products in our house can off gas and contain VOC's but a lot of companies are replacing VOC's with S VOC's which are heavier molecules and can off-gas for over 30 years. This video offers a great inside look at all the chemicals and off-gassing that is produced inside our house and can give us ideas to help keep a more environmentally stable house.

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