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Hidden Doors In A Shiplap Wall - What's in here?

Hidden Doors In A Shiplap Wall - What's in here? .

Hidden rooms - This is so fun to add this to your building plans. In this video, Matt Risinger, master builder discusses a unique slant on a hidden room behind a hidden door that is very well concealed and opens using a touch latch. This concept works really well with a raked wall because a standard door would be easier to spot. The hidden door hardware is by Sugatsune Hardware and Windsor One. Once opened, a motion-sensor activated light comes on. Jordan Smith demonstrates how the door works. There's a reveal between the ceiling and the wall so that you can't see where the door is. A cabinet door system on a panel is based on an inset cabinet door revealing a touch pad and when the code is entered, the door pops out towards the user. There is the door king keypad and mag lock, when the mag lock disengages, there's nothing to push it open. A mounted door pusher has 25 lbs. of pressure gets the door to start opening and it's easy to grab. There are three Sugatsune hidden hinges given the weight of the door, the three hinges are easy to mount. Using a Liberty safe door panel like is on a fire safe, it is mounted on plywood on the solid core door, and that maximizes the storage. A Gallow Technologies wall panel system and they have an adjustable racking system so that the different mounts are removable and can be and put wherever you want them. If the door accidentally swings closed, there's an emergency open button inside. If it was larger, the room could be a panic room. Windsor One shiplap was chosen because it doesn't have any knots, it's super stable, it's pre-primed so it's easy to get a nice finish on it. The gap is preset from the factory. The ceiling transfers right into the door. There's nothing that makes it seem there's a hidden door. The key to any hidden door is to have a really good craftsman install it and be careful about reveals.

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