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Home Gift Guide for Builders, Remodelers, and Tradesmen
There are things that all of us carry with us every day and builders, remodelers and tradesmen are no exception. In this video, Matt Risinger, master builder, takes us through 10 products that are ideal gifts for anyone in this group. Two of the most important things to carry are a knife and a flashlight. For knives, Risinger recommends the Leatherman Skeletool KB Black knife that will fit in your pocket. Matt shows us an example of a flashlight that, although small, is 10x more powerful than your iPhone flashlight and also fits in a pocket easily. Another knife is a Benchmade model that, although it sells for $100 is a really great value. Back to flashlights—flashlights are great to have, but when you need two hands, a headlamp makes sense. Back to knives, well, kind of. Benchmade has a knife pocket sharpener at $40. It has a course, fine and ceramic surface for sharpening. Next is a power source that will give you multiple days if your power goes out—which happens regularly with the number of storms recently. Best thing, a standard lightning port will charge it fast. Griot's cleaning products, from Interior Detailer, Interior Cleaner and Speed Shine are all recommended. Check out the stencil product and see how easy it is to put your company logo on anything used at the job site. Along the same line, Dremel has a carving tool that you can write with to add your name to your tools. Finally, a book, The Elements of Building by Mark Kerson," written from the point of view of a retired builder passing down advice to a new builder. What would you wish you had known at age 25? Check out the video - great gifts

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