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Deck Framing That Meets Code (What You Need to Know) .

Keeping up with the magnitude and constant changes of local & state building codes can be a challenge.  Whether you’ve framed 0 or 100 decks, or if you're an architect or new carpenter, strong framing that meets code is critical.

Join noted building code expert Mark Guthrie as he walks through how code is developed, why code matters, and how you can stay “in-the-know” with the latest code innovations.  He’ll be joined by Tom Ellerbrook from FastenMaster who will share how building product manufacturers are using these building codes to develop & enhance new and existing products that create immense value for both builders and their customers.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. How is code developed at the state and local level, and why that matters to the work you do
  2. How you can use building codes to your advantage to create the best product for your customers
  3. What building manufacturers like FastenMaster are doing to influence and improve code and code-compliant products)


  • Matt Risinger, Risinger Build
  • Mark Guthrie, Codes Compliance Engineer, FastenMaster
  • Tom Ellerbrook, Director of Sales, FastenMaster


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