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Environmental Footprint Vs. Green Products .

Join Steve Baczek and Doug Cameron at the Sashco booth at JLC 2022 where they chat about trade offs when it comes to building while still constructing homes that last a long time.

As an architect, Steve’s goal is always to build a building that lasts right now, but without a penalty to the planet—acting interms of sustainability. Specifically, they’ll discuss some “green” things to do to find a balance in the environment. For example, building with a product that isn’t the lowest in VOC but that lasts the longest, so you don’t have to keep getting in the truck and releasing emissions on the ride back and forth to the job site to re-do it.

And what if your sealant cracks? Are you air conditioning the outside? They’ll also talk water intrusion. Composing a less formidable sealant in favor of theenvironmentputs a home at a higher riskwhichcould result in rotting and eventual decomposition. Saving on the VOC while wasting raw materials maynot always be the answer. Listen in.

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