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Home Drywall Sanding Options: PLANEX vs. Makita Sander | Which is Best for Your Project?
Lydia compares two top-notch sanding options: the brand new Festool PLANEX and the well-established Makita sander. With detailed insights into pricing, features, dust control, and performance, discover which tool suits your needs best. Whether you're tackling drywall work or aiming for superior dust control, this comparison helps you make the right choice. 

Lydia demonstrates the features of both sanders, focusing on aspects such as handle length, power source, dust control mechanisms, and pad variations. She explains how the Makita, being battery-operated, offers convenience and mobility, especially with its adjustable handle for tight spaces. However, the PLANEX stands out for its superior dust control, thanks to its suction capabilities for ceilings and walls.

Throughout the video, Lydia provides valuable insights based on her experience, recommending specific sanding papers for optimal performance and discussing the ergonomic design elements of each sander. Viewers gain a clear understanding of the strengths and limitations of both tools, empowering them to make informed decisions based on their project requirements and preferences.

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