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Dri-Eaz Evolution Dehumidifer Review

Dri-Eaz Evolution Dehumidifer Review .

When remodels contain a high degree of moisture, it can have a high impact on materials such as wooden floors. In this video, Matt Risinger tours the remodel site of an original 1940's house with white oak floors and other hardwoods used in the interior. When the moisture tested in the 12 to 14% range, which is too high for hardwood, it became very important to not only get moisture out of the floors, but out of the house in general.Two solutions were used, a rigid air mover to move the air in the house and a Dri-Eaz Evolution dehumidifier, which preheats the air and can lower the moisture content. In the upstairs of the home, there is now a 9% moisture content, and downstairs, 11%. The downstairs space is over a crawl space, which accounts for more humidity. There is also a 40-foot drain hose that goes right out the back door. When doing a remodel, it's important to keep the moisture content below 12%.