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Home Delta System Review
What if you could use one product to waterproof and air seal your house. In this video, Matt Risinger discusses using Delta water and air sealing products by Casella Dorkin. This home is new constructions SIPS, and Delta Vent SA is a top-of-the-line premium product. What separates Delta SA from other house wraps in the marketplace is that it is a peel and stick product. It is waterproof, but because it sticks to the entire substrate, it also provides a great air barrier. It almost feels like denim in that it is very tough, durable, and definitely a commercial-grade product. When applying it, overlap the seams. There are tapes and flashings that go along with this. Delta has a install guide that covers any conditions faced with windows. Tapes that come with this system include a multiband tape that has many uses. When sealing the critical joint between the house and a foundation, for example, Delta multiband is the secret to accomplishing that. The house seen in the video is stucco and SIPS. The stucco must be able to drain and dry to the outside. Delta dry stucco is a plastic dimpled matte material with two sides that will dry independently. One side is up against the Delta Vent SA housewrap and a filter fabric is on the other side keeping the holes from getting clogged up. Along with a bug screen on the bottom and one at the top, air flow gets in, which is why Risinger is making a rain screen system out of the stucco install. Finally, Delta Fox this is a vapor permeable roofing membrane. You can tape all the seams of the multiband to continue the air tightness through the roof plane, while at the same time ensuring it is vapor permeable. A vapor vent at the ridge of our roofs is necessary and that is provided by Delta Fox. The Delta series of products is ideal for stucco homes and other types of building as well.

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