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Decking Samples .

Matt’s in Michigan at the Clinton Township Builders FirstSource location looking at about a dozen different decking samples. On display are 25 different stock colors.

Maybe you've got a salesperson who says they can give you a couple of samples for your deck but they're usually 3-inch-wide samples. What BFS has done is provide legit deck samples of all these different colors, which is a big deal for builders. Having a tangible piece that deck builders can provide to their customers and show them exactly what will be in their backyard can really take that project to the next level.

And what about railings? Most deck builders that traditional builders are competing with these days are DIY guys, perhaps using a pressure treated rail, but to see these pro looking rails on display really brings things to the pro level.

There are also a lot of options in stock and in many cases same day delivery is available.

If you're interested in buying your deck and checking out the local deck options at your Builders FirstSource location, go to

Learn more at BLDR.com to learn more.

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