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Cutting Metal Clean is EASY with this tool

Cutting Metal Clean is EASY with this tool .

In this video, Jordan Smith demonstrates one of his favorite tools, a Milwaukee brand circular metal-cutting saw. On the same order as a skill saw, this saw spins at a lower RPM. The saw's carbide blades are able to cut through metal effectively.Although the saw is rated up to a half inch metal, Smith tries to keep it at a quarter inch maximum, as thicker means going much slower and wearing out blades. What adds to an already interesting video is Smith's take on the status of your blade based on the color of the chips—check out what happens as a blade wears out. Exhibiting the changing of the blade and the adjustment of the depth of the setting, Smith then shows us how clean a cut the circular metal-cutting saw provides. The tool's portability and accuracy make it especially useful to take on the job. Throughout the video, Smith provides tips that cumulatively deliver a lot of information. If you're new at metal cutting, or a pro, this video is worth taking in so that you too can easily and cleanly cut metal for your jobs. Subscribe to Jordan's Build Show Channel and have anything to do with metal and building covered.

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