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Cree Bulb Review - What's my favorite LED Bulb?

Cree Bulb Review - What's my favorite LED Bulb? .

In this video, Matt Risinger stops by his local Home Depot. There are a few incandescent bulbs on special, but once those are gone, that light is gone. Those bulbs are the past, but what options exist for the present, and the future moving forward? He covers halogen bulbs and talks about how it's all about lumens now instead of wattage. With newer bulbs, you get more lumens for less money. CFLs are also discussed, which put out a lot of lumens and last up to 10 times longer than incandescent or halogen, but they take time to warm up, and do contain mercury, which is harmful to the environment and thus these bulbs require careful disposal. Risinger thinks the present and future king is LED, and Cree is his favorite manufacturer of LED lights. They look like standard bulbs, don't have mercury, and include a 10-year warranty (but will likely last twice as long). Cree lights deliver a higher light output with way fewer watts than standard bulbs. Check out Risinger's blog for more product recommendations, and follow this link to purchase his favorite, 60-watt equivalent (that only uses 9.5 watts) Cree bulb from Amazon http://amzn.to/1Avyo6T.

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