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Converting an Attic to a Bedroom .

How do you make a 150-year-old home remodel even more beautiful? You add a master bedroom and bath in the attic. In this video, you'll get a quick tour of the master bed and bath addition in the attic. Matt Risinger walks us through the few tricks he used to make sure the focus was the beautiful room, and not the usual equipment found in an attic. Since the attic space is now a living space, all mechanical systems had to be tucked into shoulder spaces. The HVAC system was tucked into the corners, which required an insulated roofline with closed-cell foam. The rigid foam not only adds structural integrity to the roofline, but also ensures a conditioned space for the HVAC equipment and living space.Also, in the video are some of the architectural highlights from Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects. Watch the full video to see how a steel bridge connects master bedroom to the walk-in closet and a pocket door into the master bathroom gives you an unhindered view of the downtown Austin skyline.

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