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Home Contractor Evolution: SOP Replay
No one sets out to run a dumpster fire of a business.

And yet… we can all admit that, at least occasionally, it feels that way.

Things tend towards chaos. Entropy is a real thing. This phenomenon is literally baked into the fabric of the universe.

But that doesn’t mean through smart systems, we can’t overcome it and create organizational order.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are arguably the most critical weapon in this battle, and my friend Tom Hughes is back on the show to enlighten us.

Tom’s a lean manufacturing guru, owner of Lumen Electronincs, and the author of Improvement Starts With I and GREAT Processes - two amazing books devoted to organizational change through SOPs.

Expect to learn:

  • Why “pulling” SOPs out of your team is more effective than “pushing” SOPs onto them
  • How using a multimedia approach to SOPs ensures they actually get followed
  • Leadership tactics to create a Kaizen culture that continuously improves itself
Tom’s a wealth of knowledge, click the links below for the full episode


To learn more about Breakthrough Academy, click here


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